Hold it, flash, bang, wallop, what a picture

At Christmas we were lucky enough to have been given a voucher for some professional photos to be taken of Penny. We thought we’d leave it a few months to have them done though. So I wasn’t even thinking about professional photos when I was approached by a member of the Pixi Foto team at the local Mothercare. Special offer of a free photo shoot and free 12” x 10” print? I don’t mind if I do! Little did I know what a little poser I’d given birth to. Huge grins in every shot. When I saw the results I faced a dilemma. I had a voucher for photos elsewhere so it seemed silly to be spending money ordering extra shots here. But they were so gorgeous.

Free Pixi Foto photo. Frame not included.

Free Pixi Foto photo. Frame not included.

The solution it seemed was to get her other photo-shoot done pronto so, if they weren’t as good, I still had the option of ordering extras from Pixi Foto.

So a few days later we went along to Wirral based photography studio Viva Photography. The session was in the early afternoon so I wanted to make sure Penny had a nice long snooze in the morning. Would she go to sleep? Not a chance. I even left early and drove around for a while so she would fall asleep. Normally this works a treat but not today. She eventually fell asleep about 10 minutes before we arrived at the studio. I was therefore pretty nervous that she would be in a grumpy mood but she managed a few smiles at the start before becoming more serious. I really hoped there would be a few good shots among the results but thought that a lot wouldn’t be that good because the smiles just stopped coming after a while.

I needn’t have worried. I went back last week to view them and was overwhelmed. The results were gorgeous and some of the best ones were of her with more serious expressions. I confess I even shed a tear.

Viva Photography photo.

Viva Photography photo.

The photography package I had opted for is the Cherubs package (Cherubs website), which is available nationally at participating photographers. With it you get three free shoots over the course of your baby’s first year and at the end you get to choose one free print from each. There is absolutely no hard sell to get you to buy additional prints but with photos this good there doesn’t need to be. I chose to use the voucher I had to buy a DVD of all the photos as they were so good. I think our new printer is going to be working overtime. I have also ordered myself a photo key ring from Tesco Photos. To add the cherry on the cake I have just been lucky enough to win a photo canvas from Canvas Design thanks to the lovely blog Lilypod and Sweetpea so I’ve been able to use one of the shots for that.

What about the lovely Pixi Foto pictures? Well when I went in to collect my free photo they had an offer on for Mother’s Day of £10 for a 10” x 8” photo. “Well I am a mother now” I thought as I reached for my credit card. Two more gorgeous photos will soon be added to the collection about to adorn my walls.

About Laura Cooper

I am a mid-thirties first time mum of one. Formerly a secondary school teacher, serial planner and know-it-all . I have learnt that nothing about being a mum is predictable and am now a strong advocate of making it up as you go along.
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