Photo a Day July: Day 3 – Bookshop

Penny at LinghamsI confess to contributing to the decline in the fortunes of the high street bookshop. Too often I buy from Amazon. But a proper bookshop is a special place and I will be very sad if there ever comes a day they don’t exist. Today we spent some time at Linghams, a fantastic independent bookshop in Heswall. I had fancy coffee and yummy cake in their coffee shop then Penny had an explore of the great childrens’ book section and a play with some of the toys there. I had a book token to spend so I let Penny choose a new board book and she went straight for ‘Hugless Douglas Finds a Hug’. I then had an enjoyable browse around the paperback fiction section, coming across a number of new things I want to read, and reminding myself that I would need more time, money and space if I were to buy & read every book that caught my eye. I did treat myself to one new book that stood out on the shelf. As a History teacher by profession I am a sucker for historical fiction and found a book about Katherine Parr called ‘Queen’s Gambit’ by Elizabeth Fremantle, an author I haven’t come across before. An hour on the internet browsing Amazon would not have provided a fraction of the enjoyment Linghams provided for Penny and myself this afternoon.

I tried to take a photo that showed the bookshop and Penny’s interest in it so I used the 18-55 lens. I did take some wider shots than this, but once I downloaded them I discovered Penny wasn’t totally in focus even though I thought she had been when I took it. More practice needed!


About Laura Cooper

I am a mid-thirties first time mum of one. Formerly a secondary school teacher, serial planner and know-it-all . I have learnt that nothing about being a mum is predictable and am now a strong advocate of making it up as you go along.
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