Photo a Day July: Day 14 – Collective

Blue titsI’ve been trying to find out what the collective noun for blue tits is. I found an entry on  the Wild About Britain forum that says it’s a ‘banditry’ or a ‘dissimulation’. Neither is very catchy and I couldn’t find any other sources to back it up. From this photo I would suggest a ‘frenzy’ or a ‘fluff’. Blue tits are the most common birds at our feeder and at this time of year we get loads of juveniles as well (hence the ‘fluff’).

I took this photo looking out the window, using maximum zoom on my 55-200 lens. I would love a bigger zoom for wildlife shots like this (one day maybe). However, if I had zoomed in any further I wouldn’t have captured the three birds waiting their turn.


About Laura Cooper

I am a mid-thirties first time mum of one. Formerly a secondary school teacher, serial planner and know-it-all . I have learnt that nothing about being a mum is predictable and am now a strong advocate of making it up as you go along.
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