Rest In Peace Robin Williams

I woke up the sad news that Robin Williams had died from apparent suicide. Deaths of celebrities make the news on a fairly regular basis. Millions more, unknown except to their friends and families are mourned evey day. Yet I found myself surprisingly moved by the news. I found him entertaining, yes, in fact Disney’s Aladdin in one of my favourite films and he steals the show in it. But I wouldn’t describe myself as a fan. I knew little, if anything, about him as a person and I, like I’m sure many, had no idea he suffered from depression. I think this is what got me this morning. Having suffered from depression myself, I am familiar with the feeling of complete helplessnes and lack of ability to function as a human being. I am fortunate enough that I have never seriously contemplated suicide, but I know that feeling is common among fellow sufferers. It seems ironic that someone who made so many people smile, apparently felt like that. I am not religious these days. But I hope, if there is some consciousness somewhere out there that is/was Robin Williams, that he is at peace.

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Photo a Day July: Day 31 – Play

Penny in the playbarnThis afternoon we went the Cheshire Ice Cream Farm. Partly for the absolutely yummy ice cream (I had a very nice scoop of Banoffee) and partly for the fab toddler soft play area. The last time I took Penny there she had just learnt to crawl and it was fun, but a bit overwhelming for her. Today there was no stopping her. She was straight after the escaped balls from the ball pool and up against the mirror, waving at herself. We even got her to climb up the set of steps by putting a ball at the top. I thought we had worn her out completely, but apparently we also overexcited her because she was over an hour late to settle to sleep this evening. Grrr.

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Photo a Day July: Day 30 – Walking

Penny with her walkerPenny took her first step with a walker at the weekend. Today she decided one step wasn’t enough and made it across the room. She has also learnt to wave today. I think she’s showing off for Grandma!

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Photo a Day July: Day 29- Mum

Mum with the Avon catalogueHooray – Mum is here! She has travelled up from Kent for a few days to visit her granddaughter (and hubby and me as well). I love her visiting. Not only for the pleasure of her company, but also because she helps so much around the house when she is here. Already she has helped me spend over £60 on baby clothes in the Sainsbury’s sale! Seriously, she has helped with Penny loads already and she only arrived this afternoon. I have therefore given her permission to relax for a little while with the Avon catalogue.

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Photo a Day July: Day 28 – Goodies

Goodies from Church FarmOne of the biggest stumbling blocks during my photo challenge has been forgetting to take my camera with me when I go places. Today we went to Church Farm. We saw lots of animals and Penny stroked a donkey. She also loved the miniature Shetland Ponies (and I tried to teach her to say “Daddy I want a pony”). But I think her highlight was clambering on a sofa in the cafe with a teaspoon. Having forgotten to take my camera I missed getting some great photos, but I did bring some goodies home with me from the farm shop. So I decided to photograph them instead.

I took this photo outside because I thought the evening light on the grass would make it a much better photo. Somehow I don’t think the same items arranged on my kitchen work surface would have looked half as good.

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Photo a Day July: Day 27 – Barbecue

BBQ in the rainIt’s a British tradition when the sun shines to set fire to some charcoal and lightly singe excess amounts of meat. So after the scorcher of a week we’ve had we were determined to barbecue this weekend. The weather forecast yesterday threatened rain (although none came until late evening) so dammit, we were going to barbecue today whatever! Fortunately it only spat with rain for a few minutes and then the sun came out again. What’s more the meat did not ultimately resemble charcoal and we managed to prevent Penny from climbing on the barbecue. Success all round!

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Photo a Day July: Day 26 – Cuddles

Cuddles with daddyIt seems daddy was the place to be this evening. Everybody wanted to be in on it!

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